We talking about Eco-Fiber, the growing interest in Eco-Fiber and the ins and outs of how this revolutionary pool filter media is making an impact on our systems. Firstly, there’s evidence all around us–whether it’s Johannesburg, Cape Town, the Vaal river or our dams. South Africa and the world at large has a water problem., people are looking for, and need, realness. There is a powerful message Eco-Fiber has, We urge Pool Owners to get in touch with what they believe is a more “real” issue than we think, and it’s all about the amount of water that gets wasted when we backwash our Pool filters weekly and this leading us to a place where reality takes on a greater value.

FACT: The average pool wastes 800 litres of water a week on a backwash/rinse, that’s 3200 litres p/month! There are over 1 Million swimming pools in South Africa alone, do the maths.

There are many contributing factors to our water crisis, but the desire for the average person to make a “real” change on their Swimming Pool Habit seems to be driven by things like, time, effort and other bigger and more lasting excuses. Eco-Fiber have taken these excuses into account.

Here are where the biggest shifts are happening:

Real time: The movement toward changing over to Eco-Fiber isn’t just about saving water. It’s also been fueled by simplicity. Increasingly people want to know what changing over to Eco-Fiber entails, how long cleaning Eco-Fiber takes, How often must Eco-Fiber be cleaned, How long Eco-Fiber lasts, what changes can people expect when using Eco-Fiber and where can Eco-Fiber be purchased? In fact, of the most important questions should be, what is Eco-Fiber made of? The short answer is, 100% recycled & Virgin Polyester (PET) Polymer Fiber. Eco-Fiber can therefore be recycled 100% again and again.

Real Behaviours: While having a swimming pool in today’s times means we actually have a serious  expense. Chemicals, energy and water aren’t cheap. We  shop around and very often compromise on chemicals, shorten filter running cycles to save energy and costs, but for some reason neglect what I believe is the heart of every swimming pool, the filter. For effective filtration, be it sand, glass, cartridge or Eco-Fiber, water needs to be filtered to maintain clarity. All this filter media needs to at some stage be cleaned. However, our behaviour from years past means, we rather add more chemicals, add more cost by visiting the Pool Store for that “Quick Fix” and by backwashing even more because your pool cleaner just doesn’t run like it used to. We all know how much of a “Shlep” sand changes can be. Even worse, your pool store is going to Milk it too because they too know the “Shlep”. Many customers are seeking simplification, which is about having a conscious mind set to save water, easy to clean filters and really start to love your pool again. Your swimming pool should not be difficult. Eco-Fiber urge people to change their behaviours and to get in touch with what they believe to be responsible and doing their part to save water. We have seen the news reports, we read articles by educated people like Anthony Turton, the importance of having water tomorrow means a behavioural change in our mind sets.

Real Flaws: The computer-generated, overly designed world that we are surrounded by is so polished and perfect, it lacks the humanity we desire. People want openness, transparency, and honesty…warts and all. Eco-Fiber have some warts, allow me to explain.

  • Eco-Fiber, because of its massive dirt holding capacity Eco-Fiber is not easily able to release this dirt on a backwash, although we have developed a very effective filter wash, at some stage and we estimate every 3 months, the Eco-Fiber needs to be washed. This takes 20 minutes, and using possibly only a bucket or two of clean water. Real Time.

If that’s the ONLY Real Flaw, Then the real benefits of Eco-Fiber are about to impress you.

  • Eco-Fiber, in no way replaces Charcoal, Bio-Filters and Zeolite.

Real Benefits: Crystal clear water like never before, Eco-Fiber pays for itself in reduced water saving.  100% recycling making it completely environmentally friendly. No more heavy bags & suitable for all filter types. Eco-Fiber has an estimated 5 years life span and completely resistant to all swimming pool chemicals.


Whatever brands do to embrace the rise of Real, it is more important than ever for brands to give people things to DO rather than just tell them what you have. More and more, consumers are seeking Realness in the way they live and the products they buy. Eco-Fiber has the ability to engage people with things to think about and do and not only inspire them but also make Eco-Fiber more interesting in their eyes.

Eco-Fiber is available at selected outlets or direct from the factory. Call Eco-Fiber who also operate a National Pool Care Helpline, to order or simply discuss your swimming pool questions. Eco-Fiber  supply a range of Swimming Pool Chemicals called Ecoh2Zero.

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