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Under our umbrella of Eco-Fiber products, we have designed and developed pool hardware that will help make your swimming pool run more efficiently and will ultimately you will save money on your electric bill and water account.

As well as developed easy to use pool chemicals to assist you with keeping your pool water cleaner and aid in pool maintenance.

These pool hardware and chemicals products are designed by pool experts, manufactured and sold locally.

Save Money and Water

Our products will save you money, time and most importantly water. 


Retailers Nation-Wide

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Manufactured locally

All our products are manufactured locally in Johannesburg, so when you buy our products you are supporting a local business.

Our range of Products

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Eco-Fiber is the new approach to filter media. This lightweight pool filter media will increase the efficiency of your pool cleaner.


  • The lightweight alternative to other filter media
  • Save 3500L of water a month.
  • 1kg Eco-Fiber = 40Kg sand
  • 100% recyclable
  • Exceptional High dirt holding capacity through regenerative speciality fibres
  • Saves energy due to the high flow rate
  • Filter change in less than 30 minutes
  • Resistant to all pool chemicals


An all-in-one combination weir vac lid, hose connector and regulator valve. Increase
the efficiency of your pool cleaner!


  • Fully adjustable regulator valve with stainless steel adjustment for complete control
  • Improved pool cleaner performance
  • Regulator valve is integrated into vac lid so
    no more air suction or vortex
  • Can clip onto a pool-tech basket for ease of
    removing and replacing basket
  • Brown for quality Earthco type weir
  • Blue for Swimquip type weir


Our LED pool light is the best in the industry
manufactured locally, our unique lens ensures
the light fills the pool with rich colour.


  • Easy to install
  • Slim design
  • 2-year warranty
  • 30 000 hours
  • Energy-saving LED
  • Improved light dispersion
  • Advanced LED technology
  • Includes cable

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Hot NEW Products

New innovations to our product line.

These hot new products have been tested with outstanding results and are now released to you. 

Nano Clear

Next-generation Micro Gel Clarifiers, with patented crystals to help prevent Algae.


Lanthanum Chloride Crystals to fight the phosphates algae lives on.

Suitable for Eco-Fiber, Silica Sand & Zeolite filters.

Each resealable container has three steady release & Long-lasting treatments making it easy to use.

We now have Product Video’s

We have product and training videos on our range of products

Did you know we have our own YouTube Channel?

We post great introductory product videos as well as training and installation videos.

Training Video on our Eco-Fiber Product, Introdution and Installation DIY video for our LED Pool light and our newest introduction video on the Vac & Valve

Click here to watch on YouTube

Introduction to Vac & Valve

Introduction to LED Pool Light

Installation of LED Pool Light

Eco-Fiber Training Video

Builders Warehouse Product Review

How Eco-Fiber is Made

Our Story

Here’s a quick story about how we got started and how we have grown

Our business dates back to the early 1990’s

We developed and introduced a Pool Chemical into a very dominating market. Called Pool Magic.

Pool Magic stood up against the well known leaders in the pool chemical industry and has established its place in the market. Pool Magic is now a world-wide product. 

27 years later, grey haired  and  well  educated in the industry we proudly introduce Eco-Fiber

Water is a very precious resource that we all need to protect on this planet. With water saving in mind we designed and manufacture Eco-Fiber. 

Eco-Fiber is a solution especially developed to save you money and water by never having to backwash your swimming pool again.

Not only developed for swimming pools we’ve designed the Eco-Fiber filter media to filter all pools, ponds, fish tanks and more.

Eco-Fiber, Mastering Swimming Pool Filtration and the future.

Need Help?

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