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Hi Gary

Each of our 13 Pet & Pool retail stores across the country sell (amongst standard pool accessories) tropical fish and aquatic accessories. It is critical that our sales and display tanks are is the best condition possible, to be aesthetically pleasing and to avoid unnecessary fish mortality. Conventional filter media has always presented a problem as it becomes saturated very quickly due to high fish population in the tanks.

When Eco-Fiber was launched, we mainly sold it in our pool department with excellent feedback from consumers, but the because its filtration capacity seemed so effective, we decided to try using it in the fish tanks in one of stores with a particularly high fish mortality rate, replacing the standard fish filter wool with Eco-Fiber.

Within a week, we noticed an incredible difference in the clarity of the aquariums, but even better, fish mortalities have dropped significantly.

We now use Eco-Fiber in ALL our stores, and have customers buying it for use in their own tanks.

Thanks for a fantastic product.






Sam Curtiss

Operations Manager, Pet and Pool

Hi Paulo,

After the amazing service I got from you and the team I felt it necessary to feedback to you since removing the sand and adding in the Eco-Fiber.

My pool has never been cleaner than it has since the change. We have had a few major storms which normally negatively impacts the clarity / colour of the water and again, since the change there has been no negative impact. I haven’t backwashed since then thus saving on water and electricity.

I have successfully converted 4 work colleagues and 5 friends who have subsequently bought Eco Fiber from Builder’s Warehouse. Your product is amazing!



I heard your ad on the radio a few weeks ago, and thought I might as well give Ecofiber a try seen as I had to replace the sand in the filter anyway. Apart from the fact that it took forever to remove the old sand from the filter (not your fault????) it was quick and easy to put the Ecofiber into the filter. And this is where I say WOW!!!! within three day the pool was crystal clear, the algae with a bit of brushing has gone and the pool cleaner is working much better. In the past I am sure that the chlorine would sit at the top of the sand in the filter and not do anything now I think the chlorine is actually doing its job. As for the water saving this I am sure this will happen in time as it has only been a week since I did the change. Once again thank you very much I am extremely happy and as the say in sales word of mouth is the best form of advertising and I can’t stop talking to family and friends about Ecofiber.


I intentionally let my Pool go green and neglected. I wanted to test the cleaning capacity of Eco-Fiber and replaced the sand in my filter with Eco Fibre. The pump has run a total of 24 hours now with NO chemicals added and NO back washing either. I’m very happy to recommend Eco-Fiber replacement in all sand filters. It is superb!!! Today I added a unique stabilised oxygen product to my Pool and this marks the start of the quest for a total replacement for all forms of chlorides and metals in Pool care for the future. This could take a long time or I may get lucky.

The Clean Shop

Good day,

I would like to thank you for Paul’s excellent kind service when I was in need of advice and desperate to find the eco fibre product.

I attached the 2 photos as promised and would like to say to anyone who want to save time, money and effort to have a sparkling pool like mine to change to the eco fibre squares as it is a wonderful product with no fuss and saves a lot of time.

I used the trial ones (that was in a ball form) for 3 years with no problem and the life span was guaranteed by the pool shop for 1 year only. Please note that no additional chemicals was used during this time period. Only the small bag of ” Boost” that we got inside the packet with the squares.

Within 2 days my pool looks like this.

This is a physical proof that this is really a wonderful product.

Anybody can call us for reference at 072 735 9057 (Henk) regarding this product and I hope that Paul get a bonus for his advice and kindness.

Have a wonderful day.


Dear Paulo,

I’m writing this to you with delight in your product. Thank you for allowing us to test Eco-Fiber in our maintenance pools.

As you are aware we began testing the Eco-Fiber for you 2 to 3 years ago. I’m embarrassed to say that with one of our very first clients the product worked so well in his pool that we completely forgot to remove the Eco-Fiber and clean it every few months, until a year had passed. Anyhow what we found was some very dirty fiber balls which tells me it had held the dirt very well and done its job. This particular pool I’m referring to is run on a salt chlorinator and has a Dominator pool clean-er. The environment is filled with trees around the pool, and there is a pool skim to catch the falling leaves, however we do find many leaves in the pool too. I’m very impressed to say that the Eco-Fiber kept this pool clean for a year and the cleaner ran absolutely fine, being a cleaner that works with gears they usually require good suction, and only until it became slug-gish did we clean the fiber. Another year has passed and instead of cleaning the fiber again, you very kindly provided us with the squares to test which we replaced the fiber balls with and within a day the pool turned from having slight green here and there on the walls to completely clear again. We actually arrived to clean the pool, to find we didn’t need to vacuum as the cleaner had worked so well and collected all the leaves on the bottom and there was no green on the walls that needed brushing.

Then one of our other pools also with a big garden, and loads of trees is run on standard chemicals. When we started servicing this pool the client said they just couldn’t keep it blue with all the leaves but she wasn’t prepared to give up the trees be-cause of the birds etc. We decided this would be a perfect test for the Eco-Fiber. She was also excited to hear there was no more backwashing and we would save water. We replaced the sand with Eco-Fiber 18 months ago. On my recent visit to this pool we noticed the water was becoming more challenging to keep sparkling blue and the cleaner just wasn’t picking up all the leaves. We went back on our files and realised that we had cleaned the fiber balls a year ago and it was time to do so again. We found the fiber balls to be saturated in dirt and spent a good hour giving them a really good clean as we now know it’s worth the time and effort and will last long. This solved the problem of the cleaner instantly and we back to the blue sparkling pool it usually is and not having to use extra chemicals or vacuum too much.

Then another pool had this problem where sand kept going back into the pool. We knew the filter was faulty but the client couldn’t afford to repair it so we suggested removing the sand and putting in Eco-Fiber. It was such a quick fix as now this pool doesn’t get sand back into the pool and we have cleaned the Eco-Fiber twice in a year. The reason we cleaned these fiber balls more regularly is because they had the decking around their pool removed as it was breaking and the dust and dirt that went into the pool was lots to deal with. Along with some stones and cement that the builders thought was ok to drop into the pool. We vacuumed all the dirt into the filter and then removed the fiber balls and cleaned them. Once we completed this exercise, we could balance the water and it cleared within a couple of days filtering through the clean fiber balls.

These are just a few cases we have experienced overall with our maintenance pools. On a whole we are very impressed with the fact that we not backwashing, saving the clients water and only having to clean the Eco-Fiber every six months or so. We would like to thank you for taking the time to allow us to test your product in our maintenance pools and are aiming to have all of them running on Eco-Fiber within the course of next year.

We are confident that the product works and is minimal effort. Best of all it’s nice not having to transport heavy bags of sand around to do sand changes.

We look forward to a long relationship in the pool industry.

Warm Regards from the management

Green Valley Pool and Spa