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Introducing theĀ 

Vac & Valve Lid and Basket

This combination weir vac lid; hose connector and regulator valve is a new revolutionary product brought to you by Eco-Fiber and Pool Tech.

This amazing singular product replaces the need to purchase multiple attachments for your weir.

Watch our informative video below and if you have any questions or need advice, give us a call or send us an email.


Why choose the VAC & VALVE?

  • Fully adjustable regulator valve with stainless steel adjustment for complete control
  • Improved pool cleaner performance
  • Regulator valve is integrated into vac lid so no more air suction or vortex
  • Can clip onto POOL-TECH universal weir basket for ease of removing and replacing basket
  • Brown for quality Earthco type weir
  • Blue for Swimquip type weir

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Introduction video