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This page currently showcases our new Pool Paramedic. If you need assistance with pool maintenance we’ve got a contact for you. As well as an insightful article for you to peruse about our Eco-Fiber filtration range.

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Pool Paramedic

Restore that sparkle Naturally.

Pool Paramedic with all-natural Lanthanum Chloride, Removing the Nutrients Algae needs to survive.

Includes Next-Gen Nano-Gel to aid in removing the finest dissolved solids.

This product is not an algaecide, possesses no algicidal properties and does not interact directly with algae. Lanthanum chloride removes dissolved PHOSPHATE NUTRIENTS which have become increasingly problematic -even in municipal tap water. Phosphates act as plant fertilizers and interfere with chlorination and other pool chemistry. Remove the nutrients/fertilizer and your pool chemistry becomes simple and far more economical.

Instruction on how to use the product is on the back of the packaging.

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