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Do you have a ‘problem pool’?

Tired of wasting hundreds of rands on chemicals that don’t keep your pool water clean, sparking and blue?

Try Nano Clear, its next-generation Micro Gel Clarifiers, with patented crystals to help prevent Algae from developing in your pool by fighting the phosphates the algae lives on.


If you have any questions regarding Nano Clear, call our helpline on 082 924 5701 or
send your questions to we are here to help you with all your pool questions. 

How does it work?

Lanthanum Chloride Crystals fight the phosphates that algae live on.

How long does it last?

3 months. Each resealable container has three steady release & Long-lasting treatments making it easy to use.

Which Filter Media?

Suitable for Eco-Fiber, Silica Sand & Zeolite filters.

Do you want your Nano clear delivered to your door?
Buy online from or click on the button to buy now.