Eco-Fiber is the new approach to filter media. This lightweight pool filter media will increase the efficiency of your pool cleaner.


  • The lightweight alternative to other filter media
  • Save 3500L of water a month.
  • 1kg Eco-Fiber = 40Kg sand
  • 100% recyclable
  • Exceptional High dirt holding capacity through regenerative speciality fibres
  • Saves energy due to the high flow rate
  • Filter change in less than 30 minutes
  • Resistant to all pool chemicals


Eco-Fiber is produced from virgin Fibers, through various processes, the fiber is formed and needled to produce well engineered pads. These light weight pads are packed to meet required volumes for various sized pool filters. After the fibers life span, they can be recycled 100%.

With Eco-Fiber you NEVER need to backwash again

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    The future of Swimming Pool Filtration. It’s Simple. Eco-Fiber is the lightweight alternative to other filter materials and ensures crystal-clear water.


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    Now its time to install your bag of Eco-Fiber. This is a DIY project however, if you need assitance call our helpline number and we can assist you over the phone or give you contact details of pool maintenance people we trust.

    Lets get started: 

    • Switch the Pump/Filtration system off making it safe to work on.
    • Open the filter lid, replace the bolts in the holes they came from. This will prevent sand getting in there whilst removing the old sand.
    • Remove all the old sand. Once all the sand is out, ensure the breather pipe is not blocked. (If your filter is fitted with one)
    • Remove 3 Filter Fingers from the bottom of the filter and ensure the remaining filter fingers are not blocked with sand/dirt.
    • Rinse the filter with clean water doing your best to get rid of excess dirt which may have been left inside. The hard part is done.
    • Add ECO-FlBER and fill to the top of the filter. Remember, ECO-FlBER compacts when wet, so push it in.


    Every Swimming pool is different, condition and environment depict how often Eco-Fiber would need to be cleaned.

    We recommend once every 3 months, some pools go 6 and others even 12 months.

    However, your Automatic Pool Cleaner is the tell. When it starts to get sluggish, the Eco-Fiber is saturated with dirt and in need of a wash.

     This is the cleaning process

    • Switch the system off and open the filter lid.
    • Remove all the ECO-FIBER from the filter.
    • Do your best to remove the remaining sediment & dirt from the bottom of the filter.
    • Using a bucket with clean water, dip and squeeze the dirty ECO-FIBER blocks as your would do rinsing a bath sponge. You will need to replenish the bucket a few times with clean water.
    • Once clean, add ECO-FlBER back into the filter. You may need to replenish damaged & weathered blocks. Always ensure the filter is filled to the top.
    • Make sure the white breather pipe is not blocked with dirt.
      Close and run the system again.

      The future of Swimming Pool Filtration. It’s Simple. Eco-Fiber is the lightweight alternative to other filter materials and ensures crystal-clear water.


      Water and Electricity Savings by Switching to Eco-Fiber

      Each pool differs in flow rate depending on pump size, distance from pool etc.

      but, let’s assume the following:

      • A 0.75kw pump has a flow rate of
      • 266lt a minute.
      • It uses 750 watts per hour
      • The cost of water is 0.0135c per litre
      • The cost of electricity is 0.001c per Watt


      • 226lt x 0.0135c per litre = R3.50 per minute.
      • 50 x 8 minutes backwash and rinse = R28 per backwash.
      • R28 x 2 backwashes per month = R56 per month.
      • R56 x 36 months (3 years) = R2016 water saving over 3 years.


      • 001c x 750 Watts per hour = 0.75c per hour.
      • 75c per hour x 2 hours a day = R1.50 per day x 7 days = R10.50 per week.
      • 50 x 4.2 weeks a month = R44 per month.
      • R44 per month x 36 months = R1584 electricity saving over 3 years.

       A total of R3600 savings in Water and Electricity over 3 years based on current rates which will be going up drastically over the next few years.



      Your pool filters job is to filter the water in the pool.

      If the filter media in the pool filter is dirty it will struggle to filter the water efficiently and you will end up using lots more chemicals and spending more time maintaining the pool.

      A good time to check if the Eco-Fiber needs cleaning is when the pool returns dirty water back into the pool, or the pool cleaner becomes sluggish.

      Remember whilst using filter sand you are required to backwash and rinse weekly. This is to keep the filter at it’s optimum. Because we do not backwash with Eco-Fiber it is necessary to remove the Eco-Fiber and clean when dirty.

      Whilst dealing with problem pools you may need to remove the Eco-Fiber and clean more regularly until the pool is clean.
      Same as whilst using sand backwashing would be commonly done on a daily basis.

      To avoid this initial frequent cleaning of Eco-Fiber we suggest you flocculate the pool and vacuum to waste.

      Maintain your pool chemistry

      pH should range between 7.2 & 7.6. Test weekly.

      By controlling pH to be lower you will use less chlorine.

      Alkalinity should range between 80ppm – 120ppm (marbelite pools) & 120ppm -180ppm (fibreglass pools)


      Quick and Easy to clean!

      Here’s a quick video demonstrating how to quickly and easily clean the Eco-Fiber filter media