The future of Swimming Pool Filtration. It’s Simple, Eco-Fiber is the lightweight alternative to other filter materials and ensures crystal-clear water

Lightweight alternative to filter sand. 1kg Eco Fiber = 40kg Filter sand

Never backwash again, save on average 3500lt’s of water per month

Eco Fiber is 100% recyclable and saves energy due to high flow rate.

What is Eco-Fiber?

Eco-Fiber is produced from virgin Fibers, through various processes, the fiber is formed and needled to produce well engineered pads. These light weight pads are packed to meet required volumes for various sized pool filters. After the fibers life span, they can be recycled 100% to renter the polyethylene world.

What makes Eco-Fiber so good?

  • The light weight alternative to other filter media.
  • 1kg Eco-Fiber = 40Kg sand
  • 100% recyclable
  • Exceptional High dirt holding capacity through regenerative speciality fibers.
  • Saves energy due to high flow rate.
  • Filter change in less than 30 minutes
  • Resistant to all pool chemicals
  • Saves 1000’s litres of water due to less backwash cycles

About Us

Our business established in 1994, the inventors and producers of  the  now  world-renowned  Pool  Magic  products. Proudly  South African and against all the big guns in the industry, our small rainbow nation team introduced a complete range  of  swimming pool chemicals to effectively take care of all your swimming pool needs. 22 years later, grey haired  and  well  educated in the industry we proudly introduce Eco-Fiber. Simply put, Eco-Fiber is the future of swimming pool filtration.

We talking about Eco-Fiber, the growing interest in Eco-Fiber and the ins and outs of how this revolutionary pool filter media is making an impact on our systems. Firstly, there’s evidence all around us–whether it’s Johannesburg, Cape Town, the Vaal river or our dams. South Africa and the world at large has a water problem, people are looking for, and need change. There is a powerful message Eco-Fiber delivers, We urge Pool Owners to get in touch with what they believe is a seriously “real” issue and it’s all about the amount of water that gets wasted when we backwash our Pool filters weekly and this leading us to a place where reality takes on a greater value.

Our business dates back to the early 1990’s, we developed and introduced into a very dominating Pool Chemical market a product which is today worldwide and that product is called Pool Magic. Pool Magic stood up against the “Big Boys”, persevered and proved its place in the market. Eco-Fiber has today been tried and tested in various conditions and systems. These include Pool surface, filters and chemicals. Chlorinated systems, ground water and extended into Koi Pond systems. Eco-Fiber like Pool Magic have made their mark. Eco-Fiber, Mastering Swimming Pool Filtration and the future.