Part of the research to develop the Ultimate Eco-Fiber pads was a Focused Vacuum test.

Steps taken and observations.

  • Fill a Container with water which has High TDS and Solids. Garden soil added.
  • Stir and allow to settle.
  • Take 1 x Block 110mm x 110mm x 40mm thick Eco-Fiber pad
  • 0.75Kw Pool Pump attached to suction line with Eco-Fiber attached to form a foot pad.
  • Direct application of Eco-Fiber pad placed over soiled area.
  • Pump is switched on for 5 seconds, sucking up dirt completely.
  • Eco-Fiber pad is removed and studied.


  • Pictures taken explained.
  • Eco-Fiber during manufacturing process is needled, needling is a process in which Fiber whilst hot and stringy is knotted on to itself creating a tangle of fiber instead of being straight strings. The needling is done in order to force water to change direction whilst making its way through to the other end. By changing directions multiple times, we increase the chance of dirt getting trapped whilst moving through the Eco-Fiber pads.
  • Picture 1 shows the Eco-Fiber pad being split in order to see the various layers of dirt.
  • Picture 2 shows the surface of the pad which was directly applied to the Soiled area.
  • Picture 3 onwards shows visible effectiveness of dirt passing through the Eco-Fiber.
  • It’s clear that as dirt passes through the Eco-Fiber less and less dirt was able to pass.
  • Last picture shows clearly that some dirt still managed to pass but the majority was trapped.